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Lessons and lab activities

CSA@Caltech is working with Caltech faculty, instructors and staff; industry partners; and K-12 teachers and students to create a 3-year sequence of lessons, lab experiments, and student research covering topics on environmental, agricultural, and urban issues of broad interest to the community. 

The 61 core lessons and hands-on activities consist of 14 which are fully developed; 21 which are partially developed; and 24 which still need to be developed. A summary is shown below (click on the table to download a full PDF file).

Lessons that are fully developed and were piloted this summer include topics such as soil and water quality, pest control, and plant processing. Lessons in development include units on computer programming and sensors, as well as DNA extraction, amplification, and analysis. We are actively developing these lessons, along with accompanying instruments and assays suitable for classroom use.

Lessons that have yet to be developed include units on aeronautics and remote sensing; electrochemical assays for trace metals in food; particulate detection; environmental field surveys; and GIS integration and visualization. These units will be developed with help from Caltech faculty and lab instructors, undergraduate students from Caltech and Pasadena City College (PCC) who have an interest in educational research and development, and teacher collaborators.